Editing Software Then And Now

It’s incredible to see the changes that have come and gone in terms of editing videos and motions pictures.  What has gone from a literal cut and splice with tape has gone to non-linear editing on computers with a vast array of special effects.

The increasing power of computers for ever-more affordable prices has allowed independent filmmakers to play with the big dogs in terms of special effects and scope.  Movies look better than ever now, and you don’t need a hollywood level budget in order to make convincing sci-fi panoramas or WWII battles.

One great example that I like to point out is 2001’s Donnie Darko.  Not overdone, the special effects made this independent film stand out.

The media embrace of new artists is often a reaction to stagnation in the dominant world, which, in this case, is Hollywood. And certainly, the emerging independent filmmaker who has managed to create disturbing, bold and iconoclastic work, or simply work that is unusual and engaging, has provided a face for independent cinema over the past decade. Whether it is sex, lies, and videotape, To Sleep With Anger, Reservoir Dogs, El Mariachi, Swoon, Doom Generation, Picture Bride, Hoop Dreams, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Big Night, Ulee’s Gold, or In the Company of Men, the list of significant films is extensive and deservedly well-recognized and applauded. But the greater question remains as to whether we have yet seen the truly groundbreaking or revolutionary films that will be remembered in decades to come. A golden age is marked first and foremost by its masterworks and major artistic accomplishments. By this standard, has independent cinema reached its zenith? The independent community should remind itself that its power and influence came from the quality of its creativity. If it tries to sell itself simply as a product, independent cinema will lose those elements that made it effective and appealing. Artistic integrity, even when out of step with popular embrace, remains its true signature. Certainly there are memorable, even superlative independent films produced over the past decade. But if independent artists stay the course that has been their defining inspiration, one that explores all aspects of life and reality but reaches for the sublime, then the possibilities for a new era of filmic creativity are on the horizon.

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What are our editing consoles of choice?

We are fans of Windows running Adobe Premiere and After Effects.  WINDOWS?  Well, after the shock subsides you will find that you can customize a PC for less than a Mac, and the software runs exactly the same.  Virus and slowdowns?  You can clear these with things such as Spyhunter 4 and RegCure Pro.

There are really quite a few things that you can do with After Effects that will put you over the top, but the challenge is of course learning the program.