Security Starts With You

As an IT professional it’s always thought that it’s up to me to ensure the security of the network.  And that’s true–to a degree.  However, it’s also just as if not more important to ensure that the owners and users of the network are knowledgeable about security so as to prevent costly mistakes such as allowing a hacker access through a phishing email.  That’s why I always talk about how important it is for companies large and small to develop cultures that focus on smart computing practices.

Security always starts with the user.  A system could technically be airtight in terms of security and have all the latest encryption, but if the user allows a hacker access through a mistake in judgment then the most robust security systems can be broken into.

This is why we here at AMA Networks ( focus on ensuring that the owners of the IT systems that we work on are filled in on any pertinent security information and we make sure that we answer any questions they have thoroughly.  We don’t just set up a secure system and leave – we make sure that you know how to use it properly.

Backing up files is another important aspect that a lot of companies and businesses don’t do.  They put it off, and they leave it until “later”.  However, it always seems that a hardware failure, data breach, or natural disaster happens before “later”.  We always beg our clients to spend a little extra time and money and allow us to ensure that a backup system is in place.  We usually set up an unobtrusive system that takes the guesswork out of creating the backups.  The system runs automatically and creates redundancy protections both on site and in the cloud.  A secure backup system will make both physical backups as well as offsite backups in the cloud to protect against catastrophic damage such as a fire.

Ensure that all of your employees know basic security protocol.  We highly recommend some sort of training to get the ball rolling.  Perhaps one day dedicated to employee education about the latest threats in the IT world and how those threats take advantage of ignorant employees.  No employee wants to be “ground zero” for a data breach.  If employees know what to watch out for in terms of phishing and scam phone calls they will be better prepared for threats now as well as evolving threats that may arise in the future.

As a business owner it’s also important to stay on top of security trends.  We highly recommend bookmarking some good security blogs on your browser and reading them every once in a while, such as CNET’s security page, Krebs on Security, and Wired Magazine’s security blog.  This way you won’t be surprised by any new security updates that might have to be made to your IT network, and you can even head off attacks by knowing what to look for in your business operations.

Security starts with the company, and with a good IT team to help you out it won’t be too difficult.